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We have begun shipments from Chengdu to Europe, Australia and the USA and have more information on pricing but not enough to calculate accurately online therefore we must quote. We have 3 speed options, a) 7 days b) 14 days and c) 30 days sea to door. Please remember most countries charge import tax on orders about 800US$ please research your specific country.
The rates decrease over 100kg. We will send you an accurate quote but the rates below are an average.
30 days: approx 4$AUD/kg
14 days: approx 9$AUD/kg
7 days: approx 12$AUD/kg
30 days: approx 4US$/kg
14 days: approx 6.75US$/kg
7 days: approx 8.30US$/kg
30 days: approx 4euro/kg
14 days: approx 6.75euro/kg
7 days: approx 8.30euro/kg